Free Lunch Or Not

Today, I received 3 separate e-mails from ChinesePod, SpanishPod, and FrenchPod, all delivering the same announcement. Currently, everybody can have access to all their lessons. Starting from next month, people with free-membership will have access to newbie lessons only. This change does not really affect me much, for I have decided to go “natural” a […]

Selling My iPod Nano

While Steve has recently upgraded his MP3 player to an iPod Nano 3G, I am considering selling mine. No doubt, an iPod Nano is an extraordinary device for language learners. It is portable, it can play both audio and video clips, and the lyrics display comes in handy when you need to read the accompanied […]

‘No Best Method’ Hypothesis

Nowadays, I seldom visit the How-To forums, though I still pop in once in a while. The forums do have many helpful advises, only that these pearls are usually buried under an overwhelming number of useless advises. Many people indulged in the forums for days arguing which study method is the best. Last week, I […]

Migration To Anki

I have finally migrated my SRS to Anki. Many language learners seem to be already using this cool flashcard tool. I myself tried it back in January, but I didn’t find the ease of using it. The program requires you to rate your answer before it sets the next time interval for review. JMemorize does […]

My LingQ Testimonial

Some of you might have already figured out, by the lack my posts in the past few weeks, that I have been extremely busy. I have changed team recently at work, and I have been working on intense short-term projects since then. Despite my busy schedule, my language learning progress has not slowed down in […]

Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Last month, Steve posted on his blog an idea of exchanging recorded vocabulary lists. He then made a very nice sample recording of an English vocabulary list. The first time I listened to it, I told myself that I must get one for my own list. Here is the problem. I have over 1000 words/phrases […]

Statistical Machine Translation

Back in last October, Google Translate completely switched to its own home-grown translation software, adopting the Statistical Machine Translation approach. Google Translate had been using SYSTRAN as the underlying translation engine, the same software Babel Fish uses. In the past, I used to get the same translation results from both engines, so I did not […]

In-Context Vocabulary Learning

It is the time of the year that I need to review what I have done this year and formulate plans for next year. I have been working on this in the past whole week, and of course this includes everything in my life, not just language learning. One area I have been concentrating on […]

Guessing Game

Some people promote the use monolingual dictionaries in language learning. Some others, like me, would tell you that it is a waste of time. I am not trying to be rude, but I hate seeing my fellow language learners wasting their time and effort. They could be more productive! There is a popular party guessing […]

My New Cantonese Blog

I always find language learner’s materials artificial and boring. I always want to access real-life contents in the languages I am learning. There are of course a lot of real-life contents I can find today, especially on the Internet. However, most of them are either in written forms, or only available in audio or video […]

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