Introducing Langscript

I have recently created a simple browser-based synchronized audio-text reader for language learning purposes. I have checked out some other synchronized audio-text readers available on the web, but none of them seems to have sentence-level synchronization and at the same time support multiple translations. Out of frustration, I wrote my own. LangScript synchronizes the audio […]

The Cost of French Tutoring

In the past few months, I had the chance to organize tutoring sessions for some French Immersion students, and had been contacting and interviewing a lot of French tutors. I was amazed to learn how expensive many of these tutors were charging. As a point of reference, the average tuition fee for an experienced English […]

Conversation Summary: Russian #5

A new year has begun (and half a month is already gone). This year, I have made a resolution to simply speak more. For one thing, I am going to do more conversations with online tutors. I also think it would be a good idea to write a mini-summary after each conversation, if possible. So […]

Language Learning and Insanity

Yesterday, I came across a post in one of the language learning forums. Someone asked for advice on improving his Russian accent. Despite clearly stating that he had been trying for a long time to listen and repeat but did not improve a lot, he was advised by a few others to keep listening and […]

The Elephant of Language Learning

Is there a best way to learn languages? This has been the ultimate question discussed endlessly on the Internet. Even though the Internet polyglots, when “hanging out” together, would tell us there is no best way, in their own blogs and YouTube channels, they would share what they think is the best way. So is […]

The Internet Polyglot Phenomenon

There are the polyglots who speak multiple languages. There are the language learners who try to become them. Then there are those who just love watching people talking about language learning. There is nothing inherently wrong about people making videos on the Internet speaking multiple languages trying to help and motivate other language learners. What […]

How Reading Helps in an Immersion Environment

As soon as I stepped out of the plane and into São Paulo for the first time, I was surprised how much Portuguese I could read. This is partially helped by my knowledge in French and Spanish. But I believe the main reason is that before I came, I worked on reading a lot. I […]

The Importance of Understanding

Without understanding what the other person says, what you say does not matter. There is no conversation. Most people would agree on this point. But yet some people will still think that you should try to converse in a foreign language as early as possible. What they fail to realize, I believe, is that it […]

Brazilian Mission

In about a week time, I will be heading to São Paulo, Brazil to begin my 8-week Brazilian mission. Back in mid-February this year when I was assigned to a Brazilian project at work, I had no prior knowledge of Portuguese and I had no intention to learn the language. I had no friends or […]

Speaking Too Early is a Waste of Time

The result (or “interim result” as some might put it) of Keith‘s now-famous “TV Method” experiment has recently sparked numerous discussions and fierce debates in the online language learning communities. Some people are even taking this as a proof to proclaim that “silent period” is a waste of time. In my opinion, the experiment is […]

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