Conversation Summary: Russian #5

A new year has begun (and half a month is already gone). This year, I have made a resolution to simply speak more. For one thing, I am going to do more conversations with online tutors. I also think it would be a good idea to write a mini-summary after each conversation, if possible. So […]

Russians Do Smile

Russians are known not to smile much. In particular, they do not smile at strangers or people who are not close to them. They consider this as impolite. I and my wife witnessed this culture-shock first-hand when we dealt with the Russian parents in our after-school program. For a while since we took over, they […]

Language Learning and Insanity

Yesterday, I came across a post in one of the language learning forums. Someone asked for advice on improving his Russian accent. Despite clearly stating that he had been trying for a long time to listen and repeat but did not improve a lot, he was advised by a few others to keep listening and […]

Serving the Russian community

Another 7 months have passed since my last post. Time flies. Last few months have been really life-changing to me and my wife. We have opened a school. My wife has this dream of opening a Montessori school for many years. We are not rich and don’t have much experience running a business. So for […]

2012 Updates

It has been a while! It is now near the end of the year (or end of the world to some). I think it is a good time to post some updates. Perhaps I should first explain why I have not posted for so long. There are a few reasons. Other than the usual ‘busy’ […]

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