The Cost of French Tutoring

In the past few months, I had the chance to organize tutoring sessions for some French Immersion students, and had been contacting and interviewing a lot of French tutors. I was amazed to learn how expensive many of these tutors were charging. As a point of reference, the average tuition fee for an experienced English […]

Learning a language – It’s too hard for me!

(Based on a true story) A Canadian-born Chinese girl appealed to her mother: “Mom, I don’t want to learn Chinese.” Her mother said, “Look, we are Chinese. You must learn the Chinese language!” The girl replied, “But it is too hard for me!” Her mother gave out the final verdict, “No matter what, you have […]

Accelerative Integrated Method

“It is a wonderful system. Kids love it! Not a single word of English from day one. You cannot imagine how fast they can progress. Kids are already reading materials that are 2 levels above them. There is a grade 6 student who did her research work, completely in French. All parents are happy. The […]

2012 Updates

It has been a while! It is now near the end of the year (or end of the world to some). I think it is a good time to post some updates. Perhaps I should first explain why I have not posted for so long. There are a few reasons. Other than the usual ‘busy’ […]

Las Escuelas de Inmersión en Francés

(This is a “Spanish Friday” post. Here is the English version, according to the Fish) Tracy en ha tenido una buena idea: “Spanish Friday“. Así que voy a escribir esta entrada en español. Hoy Roxana decidió no enviar su hija a una escuela bilingüe, porque había algunos problemas. Es muy decepcionante para Roxana. Siendo […]

Speaking Practice Amongst Learners

Today, I had a chance to speak over Skype with Milan, the die-hard Cantonese learner. It must have been more than 3 years since we last talked. Back then we spoke in English and Cantonese. This time our conversation was purely in French and it lasted for more than an hour! When Milan proposed this […]

What is Natural Approach really?

Keith commented on my previous post, questioning on how SRS can fit into the “natural language learning” model. After all, it is not natural. It seems to be me that different “language naturists” have different degrees of “naturalness” in their approaches. By all means, I am in favour of the “natural approach” as opposed to […]

Sorry, I Don’t Speak French

I recently read the book “Sorry, I Don’t Speak French“, which gave a very comprehensive account on the language struggle in the recent history of Canada. To those who are not familiar with the issue, French has been spoken predominately in the Quebec province, and English in the rest of Canada. The Quebeckers resent the […]

Pretend To Be Foreign

Language learners often agonize at occasions when they try to practice a language with the natives, only to receive responses in their own language (often English). Imagine the reverse happens. Someone greets you in your learning language. But the fact that the language was also foreign to her was so obvious that you would not […]

Québec City’s 400th

This year, Québec City celebrates its 400th anniversary. This is of course a good opportunity for the Canadian francophones to promote their culture and language. Although the official opening ceremony was held today, many celebration activities have already been undertaken nation-wide in the past few months. There was a festival held in downtown Toronto 2 […]

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