The Cost of French Tutoring

Posted on | January 25, 2014 | No Comments

In the past few months, I had the chance to organize tutoring sessions for some French Immersion students, and had been contacting and interviewing a lot of French tutors. I was amazed to learn how expensive many of these tutors were charging.

As a point of reference, the average tuition fee for an experienced English tutor with an Certification of Education would be about $20 per hour for a school-age child. How much would it be for French?

A Quebecker recently obtained her Certification of Education and moved to Toronto offered me $25 per hour, and she insisted that I would be the one who would prepare the material for her. Another person also offered me $25, but she was only an undergraduate. Yet another undergraduate told me she got paid $17 per hour by the tutoring agency, who charged their clients $40 per hour. I even encountered tutors asking for as high as $50 and $60 per hour. The final tutor I hired offered me $30 per hour and French was her second language.

Of course, all these high tutoring costs stand because of the high demands. Parents are willing to pay as most of them hardly know any French. Despite being told by the teachers at school that their kids are doing fine, somehow they still believe their kids need more help.

The irony is that the schools these kids go to already offer a well-developed French immersion education environment for free (public schools paid for by tax-payers).


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