Conversation Summary: Russian #5

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A new year has begun (and half a month is already gone). This year, I have made a resolution to simply speak more. For one thing, I am going to do more conversations with online tutors. I also think it would be a good idea to write a mini-summary after each conversation, if possible. So here comes my fifth Russian conversion with a tutor, the first one in the year 2014.

Date: 16 January, 2014
Duration: 22 minutes 44 seconds

I have not spoken to Evgueny for a month. I actually took a 3-week break from all my language learning, including Russian. So I had a slow start trying to get back to the language.

As in our previous conversations, we started with our complaints about the cold weather. Saint Petersburg turned out to be warmer than usual, so I was the only one agonizing about life in minus 15 degrees Celsius, and of course the recent ice storm in Toronto that left millions of homes without power for days (нет электричества).

This time, Evgueny wanted me to describe my typical day. This should be a very basic exercise if I have gone through traditional language classes, which I have not. So I struggled at the very beginning, searching for phrases like “I get up” (я встаю). I struggled until the end of my day, but managed to learn several phrases along the way, such as “work from home” (работаю дома), “after dinner” (после ужина), and “I go to sleep” (я иду спать).

The session lasted for about 23 minutes, a good time to stop before my tongue got completely tided up. Overall, it was a good start for the year ahead.


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