Québec City’s 400th

Posted on | July 3, 2008 | 1 Comment

This year, Québec City celebrates its 400th anniversary. This is of course a good opportunity for the Canadian francophones to promote their culture and language.

Although the official opening ceremony was held today, many celebration activities have already been undertaken nation-wide in the past few months. There was a festival held in downtown Toronto 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately I could not make it that day. Ironically, I went to one in Vancouver a few weeks ago while I was transiting there.

The timing was perfect. The concert started at 8pm and my flight was at 11:30pm. As I was walking toward the Francodome, I was met with a volunteer handing out some flyers. She explained to me the event, and I acted as if I just knew about it. I stayed for about half an hour and left to catch my flight.

It was a free concert. The scale of the event was smaller than I expected. There were about 200 seats in the Francodome, and it was half-filled when I went in. As I looked around, I truly appreciated the efforts the volunteers put in to make the concert successful.

When I was outside the Francodome, I overheard someone near me, presumably a Canadian anglophone, asking his friend a question: “By the way, what is a francophone?”

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  1. 康美
    July 13th, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

    你好!我从Chris(Mandarin Student)的博客到你的博客。我是印度人,6年学过了汉语左右。近来我新开了一个关于文化的博客。等你空闲的时候就请来看我的博客。(http://blog.omy.sg/cocktail) 我非常感谢你的指教!

    –康美 (这是我的汉语名字)

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